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When you buy a new house or launch a new business, one of the first things you consider is the location. Moldova is becoming the new attractive location for today's foreign investor. Why? Because of its geographical proximity to Eastern and Western markets, the country has all the advantages of guarding the crossroad between Europe and Russia. A small but highly-manageable territory, Moldova offers very attractive cost-saving opportunities, including:

  • highly-educated and qualified labor force, available at a fraction of the cost of European counterparts,
  • very affordable prices on real estate, equipment and other assets,
  • a member of WTO, aligning its legislation to European and Western standards, in order to attract and protect investors,
  • a reliable banking system, allowing for easy currency transactions (i.e. foreign currency may be repatriated at any time within a period of up to 12 months),
  • a new generation of progressive-thinking entrepreneurs, exposed to Western business practices,
  • tax incentives for foreign investors.
  • As a leading provider of turn-key architecture and construction services, Arhiconi-Grup has already become a strategic partner for several important foreign investors. Not only does the company hold key information regarding the latest opportunities on the local market, but the management is also extremely flexible, progressive and open-minded. Western-style business practices, a proven track record on the market, a solid portfolio and references from major clients -- these are just a few reasons for choosing Arhiconi-Grup as your next business partner in Moldova.

    For details regarding current investment projects, please inquire by email or phone.

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